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Jonny Freesh – Raw Food & Rap Music Entwined so Sublime had started its first round of interviewing raw food chefs in Asia! Drum roll … … … … Our very first featured raw food chef is Jonny Freesh! Learn more about Jonny and his raw food classes at Bali in the following interview ^_^


Contra-indications of the Living Foods Lifestyle

“Are there any side effects to your Raw Food Diet? Is it inconvenient or anti-social?” Yes plenty, and extremely inconvenient, I tell them! For the benefit of those who have been itching to ask, and never had the chance to, read on to pre-empt yourself.

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Living Foods Transition – The Necessity for it

4 years ago when I embarked onto a Living Foods Dietary Lifestyle, I tried various methods – beginning with the “Cold-Turkey” approach, falling off the wagon, climbing on again, settling for a middle balance, and eventually grounding my foothold today. Like any other positive change


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Raw Food Diet? A Raw Food diet comprises of a wide variety of fresh unprocessed fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds, nuts and sea vegetables.   2. What are the benefits of eating a Raw Food Diet? Because we are eating whole foods